From lucky, the dog:

"How could I ever thank you for all you do for me? My live would be RUFF without you."

client since 2007

We have a number of pets in our families and someone was always missing family functions or vacations to stay home with the dogs. Leaving our beloved pets in a kennel was just something we couldn't do. We desired a unique, enjoyable, and relaxing experience for us and our dogs - a home away from home. This is where the idea of FurChilds began. 

Grace was in doggie heaven!

We were at peace knowing she was being so perfectly taken care of while we were in the hospital having our baby.

clients since 2013

A Note from Julie & Janelle:


Titan loves going to furchilds!

We know that each time he visits, he is safe, cared for, loved, and in the best hands possible!

clients since 2006


Julie H.



Our Dogsitters

Julie S.



Along with our talented employees, FurChilds has wonderful volunteers who help us in many ways. We are incredibly thankful for their help and appreciate them, always.

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